Hospital Cleaning

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Hospital cleaning services :

Hospital is a place where high sanitation standard is a top priority by virtue of high population density and an environment with high bacterial and viral infection, therefore, the cleaning is required to use specialized machines and equipment and high professionals to prevent disease transmission and protect health of patients, doctors and visitors.

Providing full package services for cleaning and disinfecting at hospital and health care centre. The services include skilled, trained and professional workers, specialized modern equipments and chemicals, Our services guarantee safety, eliminate and prevent cross contamination. Depending on the severity of the infection, services are performed in different areas:

– Outside public area: pavements, yard and gate, perimeter of hospital or health care centre, road, parking,…

– Inside public area : entrance, hall, reception and main lobby, lift lobby, patient waiting area.

-Low level of infection area : office, technical room, clinic department, doctor’s room, pharmacies

-High level of infection area : the emergency department; ward of maternity, recovery, special care; operating room; isolation ward; patients room; laboratory and diagnostic area.

Providing nurse’s aid :

Coso vina delivers a professional nurse’s aid service to hospital, health care centre and other clinics by our skilled and trained staff with a professional attitude of attentiveness, courteousness and interest in caring for patients.

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