Factory Cleanining

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For competition and maintenance of prestige in relation to products, all factories try their best to obtain ISO, in which cleaning is an indispensable part to get such ISO.

Regular full service cleaning package :Regular full service cleaning package

– Outdoor area: perimeter of plant, road, parking place, guard cabin

– Office area: entrance, reception area, main hall, hallway, pantry, toilets, conference room, office area

– Production area: the passage between the lines, production lines, workers’ restrooms, the lighting system.

– Warehouse area

– Import and export area

– Other special areas: sample, template room; sterile room

– Cafeteria area

Specific requirement service :

– Washing and maintaining the floor with specialized chemicals and equipments

– Washing and applying colloidal to protect the floor

– Sweeping down the cobwebs

– General cleaning, including ceiling, wall, floor, toilet…

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