Office Cleaning

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A beautiful, clean building with international standard is due to the great contribution. Regular cleaning not only raises the quality of the building, life-span of materials, save of costs for purchase of new materials, but also increases labor.

Regular services:

The offered services is the full package, including manpower, tools and equipments, specialized chemical for whole the public areas of the building. Depending on the particular area, working frequency can be daily, weekly, monthly or periodically basis:

– Outside areas: Pavement, front yard and perimeter of the building or mansion

– Basement area: road, parking, staff restroom, monitor and technical room, the trashcan area…

– Ground floor: Main entrance, reception area, main lobby, lift lobby, pantry, toilet area

– Office floor area: corridor, lift lobby, toilets

– Garret: The outdoor area

– Elevator Stairwells and exit area

Specific requirement service:

– One time or periodical cleaning for public area

– Outside services: Perform cleaning for glass, wall, aluminum,..

Tenants office area:

– The full package regular service (Full-time or part-time)

– Administrative services: Providing receptionists, general assistants

– General cleaning: Carpet, chair, sofa, curtain cleaning

– Ground or pavement polishing.


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